Company Profile

We are researching and developing fermentation cosmetics of natural materials, based on our Identity of " Creating a New Age with Fermented Cosmetics."
As a result of continuous development, the essence is extracted by multiple fermentation of the mixture of raw ginseng berry and hemp seed, and it is applied to facial mask to be enlarged into another product.

We are receiving favorable reviews in the traditional exporting countries of China and Vietnam with this product and striving to develop cosmetics in the developed countries including Japan.

Our brand MAGIC RAIN is a cosmetic line developed to eliminate moisture deficiency and aging, and has been developed to improve wrinkles and whitening and mixing various moisturizing ingredients for skin care. In addition, with patented materials and techniques, we manufactured them safely and more environmentally, friendly for you to use with confidence, and the nutritional components are more easily penetrated into the skin and faster.

Company History

December, 2017 Start developing project for the government support with Kye-Myeong university
September, 2017 Selected for Export Success Package by Korean government' support.
June, 2017 Start to export in Vietnam and China
October, 2017 Join in trade mission of Daegu metropolitan city for China
May, 2016 Start to make cosmetics
July, 2016 Bio-cellulose facial mask released
January, 2015 Start business
June, 2008 New product released that world's first and unique made by multiple fermetation.
April, 2008 Enter Japanese market by joining the K-CON 2018 with CJE&M

Factory / Branch Office

MIRACLEBIO CORP. (www.miraclebio.co.kr)

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    63 Nonggonggongdan-gil Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (42968)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product Marble Stone
Established 01/15/2015
Total Annual Revenue 1~3 million (KRW)
Total Employees 5~10 people